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Green vs. Gray. Urbanizing Turkey

Erdi Lelandais G. (dir)

Article It’s a question of prestige’ : Climate change as public policy in Turkey, Gulcin Erdi Lelandais

Climate change has been a preoccupation of public bodies in Turkey since the country signed the UNFCC in 2004. Before then, periodic environmental policies were enacted, but under the remit of each Cabinet ministry and without handing over central control of the Ministry of the Environment. Furthermore, no action-oriented policies on climate change were developed. The issue came to public prominence relatively recently in Turkey, but interest in the issues at state is growing

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Erdi Lelandais G. (dir), 2015
Erdi Lelandais G. (dir) : Green vs. Gray. Urbanizing Turkey, Turkish Review, special issue, n°28, July, 2015