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Occurrence Spatiale et Temporelle des chenilles urticantes de processionnaire du pin et outils de prévention des risques

par Muriel - 11 janvier 2022

Contrat débuté en 2021, achevé en 2023
coord. : Francesca Di Pietro

Urticating caterpillars are an increasing public-health concern in France. They are taken into account by several Regional Environment and Health Action Plans. The winter pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) accounts for more than 50% of the exposure cases to urticating hairs. Its health impacts have increased because of (i) a climate-driven northward range expansion since the nineties and several accidental transportations (introduced into newly suitable areas outside the distribution range) (ii) a wider and more unpredictable temporal occurrence of the pupation processions (corresponding to the main risk of exposure) associated with more frequent heatwaves in Autumn and urban heat islands (iii) an increased occurrence of its preferred host trees in urban areas, especially in private gardens. The aim of this proposal is :

- to provide an updated map of the spatial occurrence of the pine processionary moth over the French territory according to a 8 x 8 km grid (task 1 ; participants : URZF, CBGP)

- to develop a sensor and a survey protocol for a remote and automated surveillance of the pupation processions allowing to alert of urtication risks in real time (task 2 ; participants : CAP2020, LMV, URZF, CBGP)

- to provide a ranking of host tree species regarding risk of pine processionary moth infestation (prevalence and abundance) (task 3 ; participants : CBGP, URZF, POLLENIZ)

- to determine the main sociodemographic and economic drivers of host tree planting in private gardens using survey in two cities (Orléans and Caen where the abundance in host tree species is quite different) (task 4 ; participants : CITERES, URZF)

Autre(s) laboratoire(s) participant(s) :

  • INRAE : URZF (Orléans ; J. Rousselet, porteur du projet), CBGP